When you’re looking around for a dentist in Fort Myers, you want to choose one who is up to date on the latest dental technology. This is because with the latest dental technology comes less painful procedures not to mention procedures that take less time.

At Lehigh Dentistry, you’ll find that our dentists keep up to date with the latest in dental technology. You’ll find this in the following techniques:

Digital X-rays

While some offices may use the older techniques when it comes to developing x-rays, digital x-rays provide the dentist with a clearer picture of what is going on in your mouth. As a patient you can expect nearly 80% less radiation than a regular x-ray. Digital x-rays are a win-win for both the patient and the dentist.


Biolase is the process of using lasers to make many dental procedures quicker and less painful. When you are looking for dentist in East Fort Myers, turn to Lehigh Dentistry where Biolase is used. Biolase provides dentistry without a drill which is appealing to many patients.

On site Laboratory

If you anticipate that you will need dentures, our onsite laboratory will be a great benefit. This allows us to fabricate and process complete and partial dentures. That means there is no need to send them out to be made. By providing this service, you can save time and get the items you need for your dental care in a timely fashion.

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